There are several factors that come into play when choosing the appropriate window cleaning company in Houston. People usually are concerned with availability, reliability, excellence, and especially window cleaning pricing! We offer you the most competitive window cleaning pricing for our services.

Window Cleaning Pricing

(For the best value we suggest having us do a house wash that will include the window cleaning. You can view our house wash page for details and pricing.)

Package 1
Package 2
Package 3
Package Price
$7.90 each
$6.90 each
$5.90 each
Package Applicable
up to 25 exterior windows
26-40 exterior windows
41 or more exterior windows
Floors Covered
1st & 2nd Floor
1st & 2nd Floor
1st & 2nd Floor
Clean Track & Sill


Terms & Conditions:

  • We do have a 10 window minimum.
  • If you have less then 10 windows, that’s OK, we will just charge you the package price.
  • No extra trip fee will be added.
  • Price includes: washing the screens and tracks.
  • Interior pricing is 50% of the exterior total price.
  • We do charge extra for solar screens.
  • We do charge extra for removing, cleaning and replacing storm windows.
  • If we clean the storm windows in place then we do not charge extra.

window cleaning pricing